Our Scooters

We hire scooters made by Pride Mobility and Drive DeVilbiss.  All models are 4 wheeled for greater stability but they all have unique characteristics which make them suitable for different situations. 

Think about where you are staying before you book a scooter as your location will often dictate what you can hire. If you are booked into anything other than a modern hotel then there are likely to be steps of some sort at the entrance. Some accommodation providers will have temporary ramps they can put out but if you are staying in a B&B, a small independent country hotel, Airbnb or private property then you are going to have to lift your scooter to get it inside. If that's the case then you are restricted to the Go Go Elite Traveller or Go Go Sport as these are the only models which come apart and are light enough to lift.

Space can potentially be an issue if you are staying in an Airbnb. Even if you can get the scooter inside you need to think about floor space and where the scooter will live when not in use. You don't want to block a hallway and create a trip hazard for the person you are hiring the scooter for.

You also need to consider the location of your accommodation and whether you plan to transport the scooter - Will it actually fit into the boot of your vehicle? If you hire the Envoy or Colt you won't be able to transport these unless you have a van and ramp so you will be limited to riding these directly from your hotel. Great if you are staying in one of the MacDonald Hotels in Aviemore because there's lots to see and do in the immediate area, not so good if you are staying in Nethybridge or a caravan park in a more rural setting.

The boot scooters (Go Go Elite Traveller & Go Go Sport) can be dismantled in seconds for transportation in the boot of a car or to be lifted up steps.  The Sport is the bigger of the two and is at the top end of the boot scooter variety. Its 4 wheels are larger than those on the Elite Traveller which means they deal with kerbs and bumps in the pavement better. The boot scooters are more maneuverable than the pavement versions so they are perfect for busy thoroughfares and driving indoors (shops and into hotel bedrooms).   The carrying is up to 23st (or 145kgs) on level ground.

We also carry a Pride Revo which is billed as a boot scooter but its a bit longer than the other two and quite a bit heavier. It does have wonderful suspension though meaning it's incredibly comfortable to ride. You would definitely need an estate car or large SUV to transport the Revo but it would be an ideal scooter to hire if you need something to ride straight from your hotel.

The Drive Envoy is our pavement scooter. Pneumatic tyres and full suspension so very comfortable to ride but you do need to be staying in a modern hotel with ramp access, automatic doors and lifts. This scooter is delivered from a van with a ramp and is much too heavy to lift, even up a step. Great for navigating Inverness or riding round Aviemore Town Centre and the many sites in the area.

If you want to get out into the wilderness with the grand-kids or ride around the Rothiemurchus Estate or Glenmore Forrest Park then the Pride Colt Executive All-Terrain scooter is the model for you. You do need to be staying in a large hotel (e.g. Coylumbridge or MacDonald Hotel) as this is a big scooter with large wheels and a high ground clearance so it will never work at a domestic property or at accommodation with steps. Alternatively, you could arrange for us to meet you at a specific location such as Loch An Eilan if you want to navigate the circular route around the loch or at Glenmore if you want to make the trip to see The Green Loch. Although large, this scooter is easy to master and really opens up the Spey Valley again to those in later life or to people with injuries or mobility issues.

The scooters are supplied fully charged and ready to go. A charger is supplied and we suggest you charge at night for the following day. All the scooters come with a handy front basket and it’s possible to add a rain cape to your hire in case of wet weather. We can also supply crutch/cane holders and bags which fit to the rear of the seats.

In colder weather warm gloves are a must!! Hands can get very cold on the controls so make sure you bring thick winter gloves. Alternatively, add our handlebar muffs to your order and your fingers will be the warmest part of your body!

Wheelchair Hire in Aviemore and surrounding area

We also stock all-terrain wheelchairs which are lightweight aluminum chairs with mountain-bike style knobbly tyres. These chairs are ideal for uneven terrain so well suited to touring when the family stop off to take in the views and get some fresh air.

You can hire alongside a scooter as an accompaniment or on their own for one day or more.

Please note the exact scooter colour supplied may vary from that shown but the specifications will be the same.