About Us

Having hired mobility scooters for my mum while on holiday in Spain and the USA the concept of short term rental was familiar to us. 

As a sufferer of severe breathlessness the scooter was a necessity for those long family day trips when walking long distances to sight-see was simply not an option.  The scooter meant my mum could enjoy trips to the local markets, evening walks along the promenade and even day trips to the theme parks.  A great concept and real bonus while we were away.

Back home in Edinburgh, life returned to normal.  The car meant trips to the supermarket and bowling club were all within reach and having lived in Edinburgh for over 70 years she didn’t do much sight-seeing locally anymore!  That was until we decided on a family trip to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, the first for her beloved grandson, so ‘Nana’ simply had to go.

Edinburgh Castle sits on a rock at the head of the Royal Mile so it’s a fairly steep gradient at the best of times.  Add in the crowds, traffic restrictions and road closures for security and it’s very difficult to get close to the castle when the Military Tattoo is on so there was no way to get my mum there by vehicle.  The answer was a mobility scooter!  We were able to park on the fringes of the Old Town and scoot to the Castle with ease.  A great night was had by all and so the idea for Mobility Scooter Hire in Edinburgh was born!!

That was back in 2019. Now it's 2023 and having moved house to Carrbridge in the heart of the Cairngorm National Park, it made sense to start a similar business providing the same type of service for visitors to the Highlands. My mum lives with us and is our number one customer, using the scooters every day! She's pictured here in different locations which would be inaccessible for her were it not for a scooter. The grandson is a lot bigger but everyone still gets out to enjoy time together.

A local company, run by a local family to provide a hire service to tourist and visitors who require a scooter while they are in the area or even ‘locals’ so they can participate in a family event or outing.

It’s really amazing how valuable a scooter can be in these circumstances.